insti2te record reviews AUTECHRE : chiastic slide (1997)

// autechreBack to the classics. Autechre , the fabulous duo from the UK Rob Brown and Sean Booth, , while most associated with Inteligent Dance music  (IDM) , after the extremly brilliant albums , Incunabula in 1993 , amber 1994 and Tri repetae 1995 (all of them released in WARP records) came up in 1997 with new experimental sound , the chiastic slide album. These years from 94 to 98 as a teenager  were really important for my music inspiration  , specifically because I was trying to get a clue by making a research into the different genres of electronic music. Chiastic slide was my first connection to Autechre and most probably to IDM . After listening this  album I went bassically  to the next record store searching for  the previous releases. I cant really say anything else than I got seriously impressed from the Album. Like many releases under the Warp label, chiastic slide is representing perfectly the experimental techno concept , certainly one of the best albums in my collection for years and years.   *10/10


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