insti2te party reports Umek live in Athens last Saturday a spicy critisism.

b629726998_142916976998_2305Last Saturday night I ve visited a techno event in Athens at elinikos kosmos , a rather good space into an old factory , or something like that. Umek , the most popular Slovenian techno dj/producer was playing as a guest there. Several people seemed excited by the party and so on , but to be honest for me wasnt something really special. The sound was not as I expected , too much noise as well as  I rather didnt like the set of Umek , but at least I totally enjoyed the set of a guy who played after him. At the entrance the “dogs” ( security bodyguards) were showing of power and probably some other interesting parts of their personality , mental problems and so on. One of them , he got my bottle of water which I filled for taking inside and throw it away. The prices in the party bar were ridiculsy expensive , comparing other expensive cities of the fortress Europe such as the E.U. They were judging  for a little bottle of water 1euro , for a bad quality beer (little can) 5euro , for a redbull the same as beer  and unfortunatly I do not remember the price for the cocktails. The people of the party at least were friendly , not much troubles , fights or whatever and the entrance was the cheapest you can find in Athens for a Saturday’s party (10euro). Maybe the people who are willing to organize parties in Athens in the future , must consider , think a bit more about these issues which are totally keeping a lot of us away from the dance electronic scene.

*the picture is an old one , not from last saturday

fancypunk report from Athens for the insti2te


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