Zürich : Camo and Krooked live + background info

Kamo and krooked , two of the “new”notable  tallents in the drum n bass scene will play  in Zürich next month (Saturday at April 3rd at superzero club). Both started producing music in 2002. They ve  started  collaborating as a team in 2007 , and are responsible for several good tracks , eps and drum n bass productions. The Vienna based duo is a well known  to the drum n bass scene of central Europe (and definitely all around the world) , in my opinion a rather productive one since some of my favorite artists and djs come from Budapest , Austria etc.. such as Chris su .

Furthermore  I also have gorgeous dancing experiences in the dancefloors of Vienna , Bradislava and Budapest in the past , unfortunately I have no idea if the scene still going on there in the current days . Some of the labels who Camo and Krooked  have realased  are the  Renegade Hardware, Viper Recordings , Technique, Uprising, Sudden Def, Mainframe Recordings. These two guys indisputably became two of my new favorite drum n bass producers recently , their music is so energetic  You can visit the myspace page of Kamo and Krooked and get some inspiration http://www.myspace.com/camokrooked .

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