record reviews : Camo and Krooked “above and beyond” (February 2009) Mainfraime recordings

Above and beyond , a new LP by Camo and Krooked  recently released on Mainframe recordings (February 2010) contains fabulous fast beats and sophisticated breakz. I was constantly listening the album yesterday and surprisingly  gave me what I needed it to have a good mood all day. The album contains 14 fresh tracks which  I rather believe you must listen carefully.

I was surfing on the internet , searching for other  immpressions and opinions , especially reading forums etc.. and I found out that the people are “divided” in two different groups : those people who love the album already  and the people who were not really immpressed. In any case it would be nice if you have a carefull “audition” . You can find a previous article of this blog concerning  Camo and Krooked here. You can buy this album as well as listen a preview from


01. You Cry
02. Walk on Air
03. Tonight
04. Lets Go
05. See Trough You
06. Future Prophecies-September
(Camo and Krooked Remix)
07. Terra
08. The Escape
09. Lost Heaven Vip
10. Bounce Feat Nemesis
11. Only Me
12. Just Hold on
13. Dreams
14. Silence Feat Nina


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