1st party of shituationist institute in Athens “report”

*Dj beatter in action ( He played great house-tech-minimal rather dark in the end of the party

At 30th of April took place the first party of shituationist institute in Athens . It wasnt as we expected 100% but we definitely had a lot of fun. The location as we previously wrote was gorgeous. A fascinating panoramic view of Athens and Acropolis was combined with a brilliant view of the sky with a full moon.  We feel much respect for the people who supported our efforts  and party with us that night as well as for those who without them this party couldn’t be able to happen.

*love is on the air

A special thanks( without a specific order) to our djs Sourbi , Beatter and Stiv Sai  , three of them were spectacular with exceptional abilities , we are definitely planning a second party in Athens , Berlin and elsewhere including you on the line up , a new long-term friendship is established already … shituationists love you!

*a photo of Stiv Sai on the decks (A clever set of progressive trance tunes )

A special thanks to Angelos(dude who was really sexy and hot that night as usual 😛 ) , Dimitris (for his help and solidarity)  , flybutter ,  Mekal , Fancypunk(who was literally fancy/queer that night) all the freakuency radio think tank , A BIG HUG and super special thanks to drofnothing from Berlin which is our poster/graphics designer – we miss you , to Anthony David ( a talented photographer as well as a  great guy)   …We would like to give greetings  to Fotini who didn’t make it to Athens because an important obligation. The thanks giving list is definitely bigger… We would like to give greetings to those shituationists and party ravers who catch up with us (not necessarily only that night but also other nights ….  many people got wasted and party with us in the past) . A special thanks also to all of those who continually give us inspiration and motivation!

*DJ an63l from freakuency radio , one of our warm up djs in action , He played some nice  dubstep tunes

*spacenowhere on the decks without glasses 🙂 atmospheric London inspired drum n bass warm up

*great minimal tunes by DJ Sourbi

*preparing the space , a short video to take a clew of the party location 🙂

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