an update of this blog’s direction, a roll call and sharing my thoughts

Once some years ago I wrote an open letter to my friends describing my personal status: Dunno how could I possibly express it without  make a lot of you upset but I started thinking to postpone my plans for a while. I know that a lot of you dont take my travel plans seriously anymore because simply they are chaning all the time. But I must say that is not necessarilly bad. Well I dont mean thats not concern of yours:)) I always count and pay attention in your opinions and aspects about life by the way. Some years after these lines fully represents my mood and what I think about my current situation.

A need of writing from time to time feelings and thoughts , diary style came to the surface again , because for one more time Im far from my close friends from both of the places I was hanging out the last years aka Berlin , Athens. In fact , apart from my si-blog conctributions , I would like to use this blog again for my  personal thoughts , therefore Im gonna post from time to time articles with personal news , sharing thoughts and feelings with you as well as photos from places I am , announcements and evaluations , reviews of events  , debates from theory etc .. Therefore it would be really great (you will make me happy if you know me personally and let your comments with your suggestions and regards bellow..



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