shituationism calling?

As a good precarious worker I am these days , working in a techno club in Thessaloniki , (people who know me personally they already have heard that) , its hard for me to write long articles or start blogging my news apart from my contribution to the shituationist institute blog of course. But today I must say that ,  a post I ‘ve read by the anti german blog motivated me to write a short update of what Im thinking these days. It’s the first time I read somewhere online besides us , someone to use the term shituationism . As you possibly imagine directly came to my mind what shituationism represents though?.

Actually we found the idea of shituationist institute totally exhausted and drunk/wasted on a ferry boat going to rest in a beautiful island of north Aegean sea.

Two years ago when we started the shituationist blog we never expected a such  a nice progress. As far as I can remember , back to the past , two years ago when we started reflecting about this project , our purpose was to start a stylish nice blog with a sophisticated ironic style(because we are awesome:p) , concerning electronic music , contemporary subcultures and beyond. I think this is done already together with the start of new connections with djs , artists , people who reflecting on various topic from many European cities such as London , Athens , Berlin , Thessaloniki and so on. This diversity definitely give us the advantage to play in a lot of fields with a huge diversity of people and activities. More than ever I have the impression that a(non formal) network of nice people its possible with main principles to spread the idea of better together than staying in marginality , also better together because sharing skills and thoughts is sexy:D.

Obviously Im not trying to write a manifesto about “shit”uationism even not thought displacing , not respecting “autonomy” of people. Im only saying that internet as well as real life gave to this idea (si) a nice approach and perhaps we should move forward with this. Making art , writing a bit of theory which means reflecting on various topics , putting more efforts to the direction of making something deeper than posting dj sets in a weekly basis or whatever else we do. I think its super vital for this process to include fresh dynamics with fresh ideas and cool art?  .. As a conclusion  perhaps we could keep that : moving forward with many nice activities in real life, establishing , maintaining contacts with all of these nice people we got know these 2 years.. search for more nice people to contribute? writing a roll call? who knows .. perhaps starting  a brief discussion concerning this topic it helps.

4 responses to “shituationism calling?

  1. nice “backstage”/”behind the scenes” thoughts. it seems that for many people in the SI network it’s time to talk about the future. let’s toss around some concepts on the mailinglist. question would be: what are the boundaries of SI (blog -> network -> label -> collective). once one sees the boundaries of what is established, one can reach beyond. how this reaching beyond looks like, a reformed SI or something new, can be figured out then.

  2. I think you are right. My thoughts came out after recognizing that many people follow and like the idea of having a creative space not necessarily about dance/electronin music but also for other essentially interesting topics , for instance critical theory , radicalism and the dialectic connection with art could be a topic? or something like that? Instead of organizing a formal network we could start or remain an non formal one. What I mean is that I would be glad and thankful if we keep going like the way we doat the moment as a process (I mean sharing skills , ideas , info exchanging) but go through as well , which particularly means spreading out ideas , theory , art , music , making something more concrete

    greetings to you my frozen friend 😀

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