best of blogs 2010

As we did the last year , we feature 10 of our favorite blogs for the years 2010 , what we where reading in a daily basis . Any more recommendations (if you consider that a cool blog is missing)  are welcome just write a comment bellow this post

1. mnmlssg blog. (english)  It is probably one of the best blogs of electronic music in the world. Keep up the good work people

2. no camera a blog by ion from Athens(english – greek). A personal blog by Ion , a great experimental artist from Athens. Besides the essentially interesting music you can find on the blog ,there is a nice artistist concept , brilliant photos and great impressions

3. history is made at night a blog from London (english). For a second year we were constantly reading the blog history made at night. The radical theory concept of this blog in combination with nice music reviews as the about session of this blog says “the politics of dancing and musicing”

4. the (english) a blog dedicated to electronic music.

5. (german) a blog about street art from berlin

6. (english) a world’s electronic music blog with nice articles.

7. (english) a blog for electronic music and global nomads by A.D Andrea. Unfortunately He is not updating the blog that ofter

8. a blog concerning the acid house history

9. (german) a blog who runs by the berliner electro artist classless Kulla. If you can read german at this blog you can find many interesting articles concerning contemporary critical theory as well as music features

10. (english) a blog about electronic music I was reading this year too (fancypunk)

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