best of record reviews 2010

This year was very productive. Many nice tunes and releases came out . Unfortunately we indeed didnt have time to present as much as we wanted cool new  stuff and releases. We are a daily post blog , with a lot of new material every week that makes impossible for a handful of people to present all of them. I hope 2011 will bring us more inspiration and time to dedicate to new cool stuff and reviews that will be possibly  released in the upcoming year :D. At least we prepared  a couple of good ones and I will try to give you an impression from our good reviews for this year.I will try to choose what I consider the best of them for. I invite drofnothing and the rest to comment at this post and probably contribute more links with cool releases.

1) One of my favorite releases for the year 2010 is the new Album of Skream outside the box  (read the article here). A clever album in my opinion again shows the way where electronic music should have to follow.  2) An other gorgeous album for this year especially for the drum n bass massive come from that guy from Belgium Netsky(read an article concerning his new release here) well-known for his collaborations with Jenna G and many other good drum n bass contemporary artists. Many tracks of this album are cool even though many of you say feel the other way around. 3) We have a new album by the Austrian drum n bass artists Camo and Krooked named above and beyond . 4) I can’t let out from this annual debate  the album of Pan sonic Gravitoni (read here). Pan sonic for one time impressed us with their experimental tunes and attitude. 5) “Weather Changes Moods” by Partenotronichs on Dubfetish label (a label founded this year) is also an impressive release for this year.

Certainly the list of cool releases and tunes is countless for this year. Please if you feel to contribute write us. The next year will should definitely try to present 4 new releases a month. Therefore we need your help and reviews 😀 cheers

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